Bullhorn brackets

Part No Description Luminaire Orientation Bracket size (ft² EPA/ weight lbs)
PA1 single luminaire tenon adapter N/A 0.2 / 7
PA2 2-light 180° 1.0 / 20
PA3-180 3-light 180° 1.6 / 30
PA3-120 3-light 120° 1.3 / 34
PA4-180 4-light 180° 2.3 / 40
PA4-90 4-light 90° 1.6 / 40

  • Welding conforms to CSA and CWB W47 and W59.
  • Bent arms and fixture tenons are 2-3/8" O.D.
  • Bracket fitters (centre hub) are 3-1/16" I.D.
  • The maximum straight luminaire slipfit length is 4-1/2" for all bent arms.
  • (4) set screws and (1) through-bolt are provided on each bracket fitter used to secure bullhorn bracket to pole. It is the installer's responsibility to utilize the through-bolt by drilling a 7/16" through-hole in the pole's tenon once the proper position of the bullhorn bracket has been established.
  • Removable cap is supplied to cover the bracket fitter (centre hub) where required.
  • If bullhorn is being mounted on exisiting pole, specify the outside dimension of pole over which the bullhorn is to fit.
  • Standard finishes are black or bronze (brown) polyester powder, or galvanized.